Our clientele want to stand out as providers of remarkable, guest-centric hospitality. Guest Check, therefore, offers comprehensive services to fill assessment needs and help you succeed in your goals. Many clients have benefited from these services.


Comprehensive Hotel / Resort Inspection

Resort-thumbHotel guests are faced with the many facets of services you provide, and a variety of employees. From the reservation process down to the room amenities, everything needs to be perfect. Guest Check inspectors focus on supplying a detailed inspection that measures all the important aspects and little details that can and do set your property apart.

Some of the other areas we evaluate in an effort to help you ensure that guests won’t seek out your competitors in the future, include, but are not limited to the following: Reservation Process (with recorded audio), Valet & Bell Service, Arrival, Registration, Check out and Departure Services, Curb Appeal, Room Amenities, Housekeeping, Special Requests, Building and Guest Security, All F&B Outlets, Room Service, Fitness Center, Spa & Pool, Laundry & Dry Cleaning, Sundry/Gift Shop, Brand Standards (property specific), Concierge and General Guest Services, Maintenance and General State of Repair.

Enlisting Guest Check as an integral part of your overall onsite management of guest service efforts will allow you to reach new milestones in your business. As the saying goes, you must “inspect what you expect.” Our approach to the inspection audit is unlike any in the industry, providing professional inspectors who know and understand the industry, yet provide relevant, actionable information from an average guest’s point of view. We provide accurate measurements which can be applied to practical solutions.

Restaurant and Bar Inspection

It is important to use actual experiences to measure guest satisfaction. Most “mystery shopping” companies will rely on these actual experiences to compare service and locate trends between their restaurant and bars. In order to provide a viable quality assessment, Guest Check focuses on inspecting high level areas such as host reception, reservations, food and beverage quality, suggestive selling, integrity observations and physical environment. In addition, there is a brief, yet more subjective portion of the report allowing inspectors to suggest if they would return or recommend the restaurant based on their experience. Areas we cover in full service restaurant inspections include: reservations, host reception, service quality & timing, food and beverage quality, physical environment, billing and payment, staff performance & integrity, food and beverage promotion (sales) and if requested, adherence to standards and branding.

We are not a typical mystery shopping service. Our comprehensive evaluations will enhance your vision of the overall customer experience and allow you to correctly target areas that will improve or maintain your rating, saving you time and money in the future.

Golf Facilities & Service Inspection

For today’s corporate traveler, golfing facilities are an integral part of high-end and full service resorts. Give your resort a competitive edge with the help of a Guest Check Golf Experience Inspection. A seasoned golf professional, familiar with some of the world’s top courses, will provide you with a detailed assessment of the golfing experience.

With so many factors that can determine whether your guests have a good golfing experience or a remarkable one, accurate measurements of your facilities’ strengths and weaknesses are crucial. Our inspections focus on the services which we have found matter most to the avid golfer:

  • Tee Time Reservations
  • Staff Interaction
  • Practice Facilities
  • Arrival / Departure Services
  • Guest Amenities
  • Course Rate of Play
  • Locker Room / Restroom Facilities
  • Course Maintenance

Spa Services Inspection

Spas are no longer just an “additional” service. Many guests weigh options offered by spa services, making it a key reason to choose your resort over others. Increase your likelihood of standing above your competition with the help of a professional and experienced Guest Check inspector. The personal and private nature of your spa service creates unique difficulty in evaluating the services from the “outside.” Guest Check’s inspectors, however, have a familiarity with some of world’s most exclusive spas which give us an edge in providing the best inspection service for your dollar.

As in all spa inspections, your inspector will bring specific know-how and a discerning quality necessary for pinpointing services that, when implemented or improved, will heighten your guests’ experiences. Your completed report focuses on relevant issues and provides detailed responses that will give you the power to make informed managerial decisions.