Rossi Financial Group (the Firm) recognizes its obligation pursuant to the Gramm Leach Act (GLBA). Privacy law regulate what the Firm is allowed to do with the confidential personal information that it collects, uses and maintains in connection with its advisory activities, as well as under what circumstances it may share it with someone else. As a general guideline, the Firm has opted to use SEC Regulation S-P. Additionally, the Firm prohibits sharing confidential information with non-affiliated third parties.

The Firm will not disclose information outside the below exceptions. As part of Firm policy, confidential personal information will be restricted only to authorized persons who need to know the information to provide advisory services.

Physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards will be maintained to comply with the regulatory standards to guard client non public personal information (NPI). The Firm will provide a reasonable means to prevent NPI from being disclosed to non-affiliated parties. The Firm will enter into a written arrangement that requires any service provider to maintain confidentiality of client NPI.

Clients may opt out of the release of their information, and the Firm will not require the client to write a letter to opt out. There are no opt out rights for the release of NPI the Firm makes to service providers

For reference, ops out rights typically do not apply to disclosure of NPI in the following circumstances:

  • Client has consented to and not revoked the disclosure.
  • Resolving client disputes or inquires.
  • Personnel holdings legal or beneficial interest relating to the client.
  • Persons acting in a fiduciary capacity on behalf of the client.
  • Providing information to regulatory agencies assessing the Firm’s compliance with regulations.
  • When required to Firm legal counsel, consultants, accountants, auditors, etc., in performing their services.