Guest Check offers exciting options within a rewarding industry. If you are interested in inspection opportunities, please fill out our online form. Our reports are extensive, sometimes massive reports consisting of both detailed narrative and scored checklists. Each application is reviewed for your experience and background qualifications. While previous Hotel or Restaurant inspection experience, or a strong background in Hotel or Restaurant management is a plus, it is not a requirement for candidacy. Successful Guest Check Inspectors are travel savvy, professional, attentive, organized and able to express their observations objectively and without emotion. More importantly, they are able to meet tight deadlines and client expectations. If writing is an unpleasant task, these potential opportunities are not for you.

Guest Check inspectors are independent contractors, meaning they are not employed by Guest Check. There is no guarantee of work, and all taxes paid are the responsibility of the inspector. A 1099 form will be distributed to each inspector and files with the IRS in accordance with the law for any fees paid out over $599 in a calendar year.

Should you match our company’s needs, we will contact you with the next step in the application process. Due to the high volume of interested applicants, please do not call or email us directly inquiring about inspection opportunities or assignments.

Thank you for your interest in Guest Check.

Guest Check Inspections

Before filling in the form, please review the following basic requirements:

Our inspections require the use of a computer with reliable internet access, as well as working copies of both Microsoft Word and Excel (and a fundamental understanding of both), preferably on a PC.  Hotel inspections also require a digital camera and preferably, a laptop computer. Although there are multiple night assignments available, a single night hotel inspection generally requires 17-20 pages of written text, plus extensive scored worksheets. Restaurant and bar inspections average narratives are generally no less than 3 pages in length, plus the associated scored checklists. After check out, hotel reports are due within 72 hours (restaurant, spa & golf reports within 24 hours). If you cannot meet these basic requirements please do not continue with the application at this time.

    I have read and fully understand the above basic requirements for Guest Check inspections.